We make fine quality Ligurian wines and we are located in the dry land in Sanremo.

Our productions include Vermentino, Pigato, Granaccia and Moscatello di Taggia: they are all grown and vinified respecting the environment and we use the best technologies respecting traditional treatments & methods.

Because we strongly believe in the bond of wine with the land, our aim is to make genuine wine and to obtain the typical Ligurian flavour and scent in every glass.


Doc Riviera Ligure di Ponente

Vermentino 450x800

Sun, sea and wind in the glass

Pigato 450x800

Peculiarity in west Liguria

Maen 450x800

Superior Vermentino, the wine of the sea

Beusi 450x800

Superior Granache, structure and elegance

Passito 450x800

Hidden sweetness and scent

Moscatello 450x800

The ribirds of the ancient ligurian grape

Frizantin 450x800

Sparkling Vermentino “sur lie”


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