Podere Grecale


Podere Grecale was founded in 2008. It’s a young and dynamic estate specialized in Ligurian wines production in Sanremo (Italy).

Podere Grecale is my father’s dream come true. My father, Lino, is really passionate about wine and most of all a true lover of his region, Liguria. He grew up out first vineyard. He came back to live in Liguria after he had been staying away from it for too much time and eventually he passed on me, his daughter Serena, a deep passion.

In 2008, with his favour, I decided to come into play and I made this estate, expanding the land and investing in an equipped wine cellar.

Our target is to make wine from the intimate knowledge of the vines they come from. Ligurian wines with typical flavor and aroma of the area where they grew up.

Nowadays, we produce Pigato, Granaccia, Moscatello di Taggia and Vermentino, whose this land is historically vocated.

We apply a sustainable viticulture in order to be really careful towards our precious soil and its resources.
The wine come from the ability to marry time tested and respected tecniques with innovative solutions both in the wineyard than the winery.

The Team

Generation after generation

Serena Roncone - Podere Grecale

Serena Roncone

I established the farm in 2007: I began this venture without any experience about vineyards, cellars and marketing but I had an immense passion for wine and a stronger willingness to learn and improve.

I am still attending university and will soon obtain a Bachelor Degree in Viticulture and Oenology.


Lino Roncone

My father is my guide and an essential support for my business and it is thanks to him that my interest and passion in the winery began. He has helped me in every aspect, from the production, marketing and the supplying: it would have been impossible without him.