in Sanremo's land


It’s our first vineyard, where our project took place. Working among its rows doesn’t mean just admire the sea but also smell its scent and hear its sound.

The wines we get here have savory, body and alcoholic strength. We pick in this area the best bunches for Passito and Vermentino Superiore.

Altitudine: 50 m above sea level
Vitigni: vermentino
Esposizione: E/SE
Terreno: clayey and calcareous


It’s nestled between the hills; terracing here adjust themselves to the land and the rows create a tiny amphitheatre.

These grapes add acidity, finesse and Mediterranean scent to the wine.

Altitudine: 150 m above sea level
Vitigni: vermentino
Esposizione: S/SO
Terreno: clayey and calcareous


Our youngest vineyard is embedded on a windy hillock. It’s a sunny part, exposed to north wind. For this reason, there’s a good temperature range. It contributes to wine’s freshness and structure.

Altitudine: 200 m above sea level
Vitigni: Pigato, Granaccia, Moscatello
Esposizione: S/SO
Terreno: clayey and calcareous

Our Philosophy

Grape quality and land preservation

We keep soil’s fertility and biodiversity by rotating organic fertilization, natural grassing and green manure. What we do is to mow the grass instead of weeding, in order to enrich the soil and feed the plant.

Vineyard’s exposure to breezes, together with a careful management of vines enable us to keep away diseas. We use few sulfur, copper and bacillus thuringiensis: a new trend in biological control.

Every stage of production is manually worked, from pruning until harvesting.

Wine Cellar

Tradition and innovation

The winery employs state of the art technology without forgetting traditional methods.

Typical manual press for our smallest production close to air-bag press and steel tanks for wine aging.

We work hard and carefully on every fermentation and wine aging step, through analytical controls and periodical tasting. The cryomaceration is what we really love in white wines, it add structure and personality.

We apport few sulfur dioxide thanks to the good grapes quality and acidity, in order to control oxidation but indulging wine’s natural development.